Who We Know


event cordination/production

Florist, flower shop Zest Productions

Cay Lemon, owner the BEST party and event coordinator we work with.


Florist, flower shop Teresa Halton Photography
Geoff White Photography
Todd Rafalovich Photography
Andrew Weeks Photography
Thomas Hughes Films
Drew Altizer

parking/valet services

Florist, flower shop Precision Parking friendly, energetic, efficient

rental equipment

Florist, flower shop Classic Party Rental one stop shopping for ALL party rental needs, their linens, table setting in above photo

Hartmann Studios great prop and plant rentals, see some of their plants in our EVENTS section

Zephyr Tents the MOST beautiful sailcloth tents with natural wood poles...see one of our events to the left in their 64'x124' tent.


Florist, flower shop Studio Cake Design BethAnn Goldberg is an artist that creates functional and beautiful art. Her philosophy so closely matches our own in regards to how she works, how she creates, and how she interacts with her clients. With her, it's not just a job, it's personal. We LOVE her! Look for her on the same TV segment as us on KRON 4 Red Carpet Bay Area airing June 27th at 6:30pm


Florist, flower shop Aaron David


Florist, flower shop Paperwhirl